通过我们的支持亿宝彩票app官网, customers’ brands are enhanced – impressing visitors and attracting and retaining talent. 我们敬业、有技能的员工关心他们所支持的人, always adding a human touch to create places that delight employees and power their productivity.  



难忘的亿宝彩票app官网体验将把你的人和地方联系起来, strengthening the link between your organisation’s strategy and your employee engagement. 我们的支持和工作场所管理亿宝彩票app官网提高了生产力, 创造力和忠诚——让你吸引人, 保留并利用一支有才能、有能力的员工队伍.

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我们的整个团队都专注于创造一种欢迎, well-run environment that fuels productivity and helps you attract and retain the best talent. 



我们的支持亿宝彩票app官网将帮助您使您的业务灵活和动态, reducing operational complexity while providing optimal conditions for productivity.



Help patients on the road to recovery and create smooth visitor experiences with appealing, 功能设施, 训练有素的团队和周到的支持亿宝彩票app官网, 从接待到搬运.



Well-maintained, 高效的设施有助于使旅行顺利和无压力, 同时改善流量,为机场工作人员提供最佳条件.



通过前台和后台亿宝彩票app官网, we create memorable service moments and great workplace experiences for your employees and visitors, inspiring a stronger connection to your place and increasing loyalty to your brand. Our visitor and employee services are flexible and adaptable to any industry – architected to fit your business strategy and meet the needs of your workplace.

Front desk & 接待亿宝彩票app官网

The front desk and 接待亿宝彩票app官网 provide a positive and lasting experience as visitors and employees enter your building. 除了保护你的房屋安全, the service enables visitors to feel relaxed and cared for as they begin their stay or visit the building for meetings or events. 

Meeting & 会议管理

Leveraging the latest technologies and with the careful management of meeting and conference spaces, our engaged teams support the efficiency and optimisation of the meeting and conferencing space and audio-visual equipment. We enable your employees to focus on their business interactions whether in internal meetings or hosting guests and VIPs.   

Switchboards & service desks

Your call services experience is reinforced through the professional and efficient service that our switchboard and service desk teams provide – enabled by the latest telephony technology to minimise costs and enhance customer communication.  


Our people provide lasting experiences at every touchpoint of the visitor journey, 包括协助礼宾工作和交通. 

Mail & 快递亿宝彩票app官网

Through the efficient distribution of mail and packages throughout your buildings and proactive courier management, 我们确保您的员工能够及时接收和发送文件.  


Our optimised approach to document services includes the utilisation of digital document systems and electronic archiving and retrieval methods. We maximise the space utilisation of your environments and the efficiency of your employees to help ensure your data and information is securely handled. 

Executive & 行政支持

Our executive and 行政支持 creates value for your business through skilled administration teams who maximise the efficiency of your people and talent through document production, 日记管理和旅行 & 其他方面的费用支持. 

经验管理 & management

良好的工作场所体验有助于将人和地方联系起来, linking your organisation’s vision and culture to employee well-being and engagement. With our dedicated teams – including experience managers, innovation leads and health & 健康专家——我们管理工作场所以提高生产力, 创造力和忠诚, 使你能够吸引, 保留并利用一支有才能、有能力的员工队伍. 




A leading tech company turned to 亿宝彩票app when they wanted a partner in attracting and retaining top-tier talent. 通过创造良好的工作体验, 我们的合作将能够提高员工的敬业度, 生产力和满意度.

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Appointing 亿宝彩票app to provide 接待亿宝彩票app官网 was the best decision I have ever made.



Our visitor and employee services are made possible by people who care – trained, equipped, 积极主动,工作高标准. 作为你的合作伙伴,一起创造美好的地方, we offer decades of experience and global expertise and consistency in support services. This means:

  • 吸引并留住具有亿宝彩票app官网意识的人才, skills and attitude to deliver consistently memorable service experiences. 
  • 投资员工发展计划, 以及在我们的全球组织内分享最佳实践. 
  • 融入国际一流的国际空间站亿宝彩票app官网理念, technology and intelligent workplace solutions to meet your specific needs and to curate memorable experiences for your people and guests.  
  • 提供具成本效益的支援亿宝彩票app官网, 同时确保遵守卫生, 跨行业和地区的安全和环境法规. 
  • Leveraging the synergies of one supplier who knows your organisation – with a unified 亿宝彩票app team working together to make your locations the best they can be.  

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